Monday, 24 February 2014


Unable to resist a drive-by of Tynemouth's Glossy Ibis after work today - success this time, bird 4 of 2014. Remarkable.

500 pics whittled to 200, many just not quite right. Now at the point of not caring anymore, so a couple of randoms.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Down on luck

A venture to Tynemouth early afternoon was abysmal - eventually worked out where the glossy ibis had been frequenting - no sign, so headed to the busiest fish quay ever - could not get parked anywhere, so headed back home along the coast.

Lovely traffic jam all the way to Cullercoats courtesy of temporary traffic lights. So it was a creep past the Blue Reef aquarium and Beacons Field ... where the glossy ibis was later reported!!! If only I had looked to my left...

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Geese, Diver and Grebes

iPhoned at approx. 400m range from the Military Road.

Headed west to Whittle Dene late morning - distant views of the three Tundra Bean Geese along with 1 Pink Foot, three Whooper Swan and three Mute Swan.

Further north-east, the Black-throated Diver remained at Maiden Hall Lake, and East Chevington still held both Red-necked and Slavonian Grebe.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Myrtle Warbler...

Winter Mega!

Woke up to the unexpected news that the County Durham Myrtle Warbler had been confirmed as still present and available to all... so after picking up Phil and Mark it was High Shincliffe bound.

Arrived at 1045, a half hour since the last sighting - we had a frustrating 2 hour wait before the bird was pieced up again - having enjoyed three waxwing, a brambling and redpoll and hods of goldfinch.

Given the circumstances we had decent binocular views as it fed on some feeders concealed in the roadside hedge - not great for the camera (and I only took the 400mm), but some record shots were managed.

Sneaky peak of the yellow rump...

Feeder concealed in dense hedge on roadside

Feeder across road near lamppost - not a bad sized crowd too...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

1 to 2

Despite a lack of blog updates since January, local birding has continued into the first week of February, with essentially local ventures to atypical places.

Waxwing made an appearance on the estate on 22nd - a single on the Horton Burn. Very scarce so far this winter, so  a good patch year tick

February has started with signs of Spring - skylark back at West Hartford, Linnets too. The marsh has at least one jack snipe and water rail, along with another winter 13/14 scarcity a day or two ago - short-eard owl. Reports of a bittern are interesting but so far no connection.

Today saw a loop round Seghill for the european white-fronted goose that Gordon found this morning - associating with a large flock of grey-lags, some of which were wearing neck collars, of which I took no note of any details. At the links south of Blyth I again scanned the large pink-footed goose flock, and today, like Sunday, it was bean-less...

European White-fronted Goose - pink toned bill, large white band on tail tip