Saturday, 15 June 2013


Long working hours and other commitments have significantly reduced birding opportunity this week, and reading other blogs, it seems that there isn't much to miss (unless you live near Trimley!).

Anyhoo... a short trip up the coast provided good company with Mark, a pair of marsh harrier and some rather delightful chips.

Another tough week head, hopefully I'll find a gap to get out birding sometime...

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Good start

An early morning vista to West Hartford was not quite as expected - the flash looks great for waders yet there wasn't even an oystercatcher!

23 canada geese over and a single grey partridge appeared to be my lot until that few seconds of magic occurred...

A single female redstart (first at WH) on the sub station permitter fence. Bingo. Text sent to the other patchers... looked up and no further sign!

Maybe later?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Before and After

A lovely sunny day in the North-East, perfect for some household chores - a lawn to cut and a car to wash.

"Pre" all of that was spent at West Hartford, catching up with both Gordon and his previous evening find, a single ruff. Not had one at West Hartford for a few years, so good to see.

"Post" all of that was spent on the bike - heading down the coast on a journey that not only was in a head wind pretty much all the way, but also included a 100% puncture - no slowly decreasing tyre pressure, just straight to flat. Damn them hawthorn thorns!  The target of the journey was thankfully secured, with the intermittent singing marsh warbler at St Mary's Wetland. A good addition to the bike list.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Moderate weekend so far - Spent Saturday on the bike touring Cramlington's finer spots. Still not managing to find garden warbler, but amassing almost 50 species in the bleak town that this is.

The bike was about to get another outing this morning, but news that the male red-backed shrike was showing well at St Mays had me out in the car - camera (and memory card) at the ready.

The shrike was there, but very distant. So again no pictures! Nonetheless 3 so far this week, can't complain.

There's still an afternoon to look forward too - perhaps the bike will get out after all....