Friday, 16 January 2009

Ring-billed & California

Ring-billed gulls are frequent vagrants to the UK, although my home county of Northumberland has not had many (rather amusingly the first bird I saw in the UK/Northumberland was in company with a laughing gull larus atricilla at Newcastle General Hospital many years ago...). I love the yellow iris with piercing black pupil!

California gull seemed to be less abundant at Santa Monica than RBG, and ony a few photographs were obtained. The winter adult featured here shows the relative long winged profile, dark iris and grey-green legs.


Ruth said...

Hi John,just discovered your blog & wonderful photo's!
I'll keep watching this space as they say!

John Malloy said...

Thanks Ruth, glad to oblige.

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and confirming that I had siskins here yesterday. Wonderful pictures of the gulls you have here. I'll be back.