Sunday, 10 May 2009

Spotlight on the fan(tail)

Pied fantail was conspicuous in the resort area, with at least three territories identified during the visit.

Very vocal and active - a challenge to photograph - this species flitted around the mangrove and waterways in the resort and was rarely in one position long enough for a slow grumpy codger like myself to get the camera lined up and in focus before it was off again...

Annoyingly, the only decent shot I managed is presented here - on a pesky spotlight! How un-natural could it get? Seconds prior to this, the fantail was feeding in some nice plant (I'm afraid that's my botanical level of expertise!), but I could not get the camera on the bird quick enough.

Like their name suggests, this family does fan its' tail frequently. But not when I'm taking a picture!


Alan Tilmouth said...

Pity you didnt get the name of the spotlight company, I can see an ad campaign in that shot.

Blyth Birder said...

Some corking birds here BS.

I'm staying at home this year and next, although we're fancying the Uists next May.

I refuse to read anymore of this, its too unsettling :)

David Gandy said...

spotlight? that's nothing...I have Pied Fantails digging around in dustbins on my street. A whole new meaning to the term "trash bird".

John Malloy said...

Hi Dave (Electric Birding) - one mans trash is another mans treasure I guess!