Monday, 18 May 2009

Hot under the collar

It certainly was on Sunday at least, with a productive visit to Crail, Fife for the 1st summer male collared flycatcher! my first tick of 2009, this was a delightfully convenient species catch up with, especially as I missed an opportunity while away in Thailand. Newton Stringer described the Portland bird with "PHOOOAAAARRRR !!" - I'll agree with that description now!!

A very attractive bird, but very active and tricky to photograph as it flitted between fly-catching missions. I was surprised at how "white" the bird was, with extra large wing patches and a very pale grey patch on it's back. When the bird did sit still it would either be concealed by foliage or at the back of the copse! So record shots it is...
Collared Flycatcher - it's up there somewhere!
"Showing well" the back of the trees

Checking us out
The journey home was broken up with a quick pop into Druridge, where an adult spoonbill was feeding on the pool adjacent to the south facing hide. Nice to see a full adult for once - recent birds have tended to be first summer. I love the yellow tones on the crest!