Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Arcot 2 - West Hartford 0

A text message from STH yesterday evening lightened up what had been a relatively dull evening.

Steve had just found an adult little egret at Arcot. Nationally not very significant, county-wise good and Cramlington-wise, MEGA!! A great find and long awaited addition to the Cramlington list. As good a record as it is, it's even more remarkable to think that Arcot has scored for two egret species within a month!

The little egret was, like the great white, made most unwelcome by the grey heron frequenting the pool - after a brief chase around the pool the little egret flew up and landed in the trees to the west of the pool - to roost? Nah,to get a better view of it's escape route - it flew high east at about 20.40...

I always thought that West Hartford would be the place to find an egret - I've been proven wrong twice now!

Patch birding - great stuff!

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