Wednesday, 8 April 2009

PM birding

Tuesday 7th April saw me heading up the coast late afternoon. First stop was at Lynemouth where Tim Cleeves and ST were already watching the very smart water pipit, feeding on the western shore of the flash. It's been a good run of late for water pipit in Northumberland, an it's nice to see some in their summer finery. The northern shores of Cresswell Pond were yellow wagtail-less, nor were there any northern wheatear.

From the Budge screen at Druridge Pool the drake garganey was on show, although the duck was not to be seen. A single black-tailed godwit was feeding in the shallows among redshank and lapwing. I didn't have time the venture to the main pool or hides, which probably is the reason why the little egret was not seen, nor Brians' little ringed plover - hopefully I'll catch up with another soon.

Later in the evening I spent an hour at West Hartford; Two SEO were on show along with one common buzzard. The SEO and CB had a bit of interaction, with the CB coming out on top - both owls drifted east, returning only as dusk turned to dark. No sign of the barn owl, I may have left to early, but there was a steady stream of LBBGs/HGs dropping into the pool for refreshment prior to roost.


ST said...

Hi John,
there are two ST's.
Ones an accomplished birder and the other isn't, I'm the isn't.
I was not next TC the other day as i'm living at work at the moment and have not been out for a couple of weeks.
But thanks for the ego boost :)

John Malloy said...