Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Not so great

The countdown begins to my impending trip East, and Alans' comment at Dusty Bins has prompted me to delve into my photographic archive and dust (pardon the pun Alan) off an oldish image of a not so greater racket-tailed drongo.

This bird was photographed in Singapore in August 2007 - as you can see it's favoured habitat is not the best for photography, it is very dark in the jungle!

The camera was set to ISO 1250 with exposure at 125th second. The original image was very grainy, and as the 100-400mm lens was hand held the image is not as sharp as I'd have liked, even with image stabilisation.

This blast from the past has re-inforced my decision to have a play around with fill-flash, I certainly think it will enhance chances of getting better images on the trip.


Anonymous said...

Fill-flash would help lighten everything. I used to overdo it until I got the hang of it, even my dinky powershot a520 has the setting. You still captured the essence!

*I Donate To Cornell Ornithology*

Alan Tilmouth said...

I have fond memories of my one and only Drongo which was a Black Drongo in Bamgladesh.I leapt from a still moving vehicle as it stopped in the middle of a village to jump in a ditch and watch it on some wire a little way back in the roadside vegetation. When I dropped my bins I was surrounded by kids staring at me, obviously I was the gretaer rarity!