Sunday, 19 April 2009

Gull in the sun...

Saturday was a cold grey day in the north-east of England, and birding was rather un-rewarding in the south-east of the county, indeed the highlight of the venture to Killingworth Lake and St Mary's with Mark was, unpredictably, chips and curry sauce.

Sunday fared better - the sun was out. Joy.

After a wake up session at the gym I headed back to Killingworth Lake for another hour or two with the little gull.
As with previous visits this bird was flighty and erratic - disappearing for periods of time then whizzing past on the foray for insects over the pond surface.
The sunlight really helped enhance the plumage of the gull - the underparts are a delightful pinkish wash.
Photographs today were taken using a 100-400mm IS lens - it prove to be ideal in the bright sunshine, and nice and light to hand hold.

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