Friday, 24 April 2009

After a night like this

Finished work at 06.00, two weeks of holiday beckon. Result.

In my excitement I decided not to go to bed, it would be much more punk to wait for the Blur tickets to go on sale at 09.00... annoyingly when 09.00 arrived it transpired that tickets were only available from the venue, so my constant re-fresh of the web-page was worthless! Tickets were purchased for Massive Attack in September, but I guess it's a slim to non chance that the delightfully talented Liz Fraser (of Cocteau Twins fame, some of you may recall her vocals used in the MA "Teardrops" single a few years back) will join them.

In consolation I headed up to Druridge Bay this morning - regretfully avocetless, but little egret, marsh harrier and a couple of 1st summer med gulls were collected while I tootled about. Earlier still, a visit to Arcot Pond at 06.15 quickly provided grasshopper warbler reeling in the scrub.

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Blyth Birder said...

Sickener BS.

Mind you, if the hassle we've had of late trying to get gig tickets online is anything to go by I'd prefer all tickets to be on sale by paying in person at the box office. Last 4 occasions, when we've tried for stuff they've go on sale and instantly sold out.

Tickets by queueing rules out the bastard touts who sit online, buy up in bulk and have them back on Ebay at hugely inflated prices in seconds.

Looks like touts might have to start working for a living once again, which can only be a good thing?

No consolation for you today mind.