Sunday, 1 August 2010

Quick Post

A new month has started with a quick look at the patch, West Hartford. Not really too much to report: the water on the flash has evaporated somewhat despite the glorious August weather (see above!)...

On the flash / mud was a single curlew, one oystercatcher, a frustrated mallard, several black-headed, herring and lesser black-backed gull and a juv shelduck. Med gull could be a real possibility (there has been one here before, a few years back though) as numbers at Newbiggin have swelled significantly this last week or so.

Overhead barn swallows continue to show in good numbers and there are still plenty of wood pigeon kicking about.


Speaking to birdingsometimes parents earlier this afternoon revealed a possible red kite sighting over the Whitelea area of Cramlington earlier this week, mobbed by corvids - one to look out for.


I'll be out and about over the next few days - expect some updates...

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Ghost of Stringer said...

That kite probably went over my house then !!