Friday, 5 November 2010

And there's more!

It was an early start for me today - the 08.00 appointment for cavity wall insulation arrived at 07.00, so it was with mild satisfaction that the noisy drilling of the workmen drowned out the screams and yells of the neighbours kids as they got ready for school.

Cavity walls insulated by 08.30, a grocery trip completed by 09.00 and ironing done by 10.00.

With a pager report of waxwing still present in the vicinity of BSHQ I set about getting ready to have a look around - no need, as 44 arrived in the same tree as yesterday just after 10.15. It's a pity that the light is so grey and dull at present - waxwing really need good sunshine for them to boast their fabulous plumage - today they look very washed out.

This group are very mobile - after spending 5 minutes in the tree (see token "through the window" shot above), the flock headed back to where they had come from - somewhere to the north-west of the Northburn/Hartford estate. I drove around all of the past favoured spots and could not locate them again.
Maybe its best to wait for them to come to me?


The Liverbirder said...

Mrs Liverbirder had 100 near the burn as per Birdguides at dinner time, so excited she rang me at work with the sound of the dog and the birds in the background!

John Malloy said...

I'm hoping for better views on Saturday!

Chris said...

Oh Gosh, what a sighting, so many of them! Wonderful sight!