Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dusky Warbler, Tynemouth

Mid to late morning was spent back at Tynemouth - scene of last weeks yellow-browed warbler and yesterdays dip. Today was much more satisfactory, with the dusky warbler performing throughout, albeit high up the priory bank and in autumnal gloom. A few record images were obtained, but the warbler was typically very tricky, generally pausing behind foliage when not feeding. I was more impressed with the performance of the camera - the heavily cropped images here were taken at ISO1600!

The dusky warbler was calling throughout the visit - helping us to locate the bird on the bank side. Robin, blackbird and redwing were numerous and a redpoll flew over the car park.

News broke of a shorelark while I was there... but we couldn't locate it as it had flown off (later to be discovered a bit further west).

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