Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Stuck in the house...

A year ago to the day I wrote about an Osprey passing through West Hartford... Hadn't realised the close-ness of the 2012 date until I read Phils blog this afternoon.

As it's snowing and a gas engineer is due I'll not be out again today...

In the same post I tried to forecast 10 species that could be added to my own patch list (some others have some of the species I need) Of the list prepared, I've not yet caught up or found any yet!

They were ~

Spoonbill - why not? If Castle Island can draw them in no reason why WH can't either
Little Egret - long overdue, beaten by its' larger relative
Tawny Owl - already seen and heard by others, I've been too lazy to venture out at the right time.
Pectoral Sandpiper - Arcot has had them in the autumn, other waders have found WH to their liking...
Bittern - There is a nice reed bed forming south of the pool, may be one hard winter will bring one in?
Red Kite - only a matter of time.
Reed Warbler - habitat getting better.
Great Grey Shrike - outside chance on passage - Arcot has had one and Prestwick Carr held one for honks this past winter!
Common Redstart - infrequent through Cramlington on passage (though I did have one in my parents garden many moons ago!)
Cuckoo - a tricky bird in Cramlington, but possible.

In 2011 wryneck was added to the West Hartford site list (still hurts), so black redstart, red backed shrike could follow... I think snow bunting was my only addition - fitting given the weather today!

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