Sunday, 1 April 2012

The April FOOL

That'll be me.

After a busy week at work and a busy Saturday spending the money earned during the previous busy week I opted to travel north to Druridge Bay this afternoon.

A common crane, assumed to be the bird that had flown north past St Mary's last week had been getting reported from Warkworth Lane.

Easily scoped from the entrance to the holiday park, we scuttled round to Cresswell and walked the 2/3 mile up the bridleway to try and get a better view. Hardly!

The crane was about as far as it could get from public access, and associated with a few mute swan. Despite that, it's always a good one to see up here.

Nearby a male marsh harrier was added to the notreallyatrip list, so a feeling of mild satisfaction was taken from the increasingly expensive drive up the coast.

I've not managed to get to West Hartford for over a week now - late hours at work have not helped, but this week should see a return to form... a new set of wheels (two rather than four, no petrol required) should see quick nips to and from the site.


I see the white stork at Backworth (yesterday) was ringed (see here)

Just like ...

Escaped White Stork, Burgham Golf Course March 2009

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