Monday, 9 April 2012

Holiday Blues(throat)

After the relative excitement of Saturdays trip to Amble chippy with Mark, Sunday and Monday (so far) has been a quieter affair.

Hopes were raised moderatley on Sunday when an inquisitive text asked if I had heard anything about a reported white-spotted bluethroat (I hadn't and didn't for the rest of the day)...

As dusk descended and the wine was opened, a garden tick was in the form of a dapper male siskin on one of the seed trays - a hasty record shot was taken through the utility room window.

First glance down the pager this morning revealed a local white-spotted bluethroat report from Sunday, but on an area with no general access... so West Hartford it was.

2 wheels taken out instead of four, the trip out ended up being a prolonged potter, taking in the Horton Burn, West Hartford, Bassington, Beacon Lane, Arcot, Valley Park and West Hartford (again).

Trip highlights, birdwise, were 5 shelduck & 25 teal on the water at WH & my first willow warbler (previously reported by Phil and GM). Raptors on the route included 3 buzzard and 1 of kestrel and sparrowhawk. No SEO today. Grey heron were abundant with ~3 in the WH area and 5 on Arcot Pond. Chiffchaff are everywhere and one blackcap was heard. Hoped to bump into a wheatear or even garganey...

None birdwise I managed not to get a puncture (always good), having a 12ish year old lad driving past me in a Renault Megane up Beacon Lane (honest!) and a pitstop at my parents for a hot-cross bun and tea.

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Yellowbelly in Exile said...

Not withstanding the fact that you're a talented photographer anyway John, your windows are obviously a lot cleaner than ours!