Saturday, 7 April 2012

New arrivals and hangers on

A steady potter to Druridge Bay on a dull day produced a nice selection of new arrivals and hangers on.

Cresswell held 2 avocet and little else. The hoped for white wagtail could not be found on the north pool and a walk along the lane did not produce the common crane.

The journey to Druridge provided a male wheatear and some twite, while from the budge screen the 2 pintail remain and a male marsh harrier patrolled distant fields.

East Chevington produced a cream headed marsh harrier and 6 sandwich tern.

Refreshed with chips at Amble the return leg included a stop at Hauxley, where puffin covered the sea round Coquet Island (which had both Canada and grey lag geese on it), many gannet flew north and 3 barn swallow were my first of the year.

A final stop at Warkworth Lane delivered the most distant of distant common crane...

Not a bad trip out!

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