Wednesday, 1 December 2010

From the archive: December 2004

Sora, Attenborough, Nottinghamshire December 2004

A day-trip that almost did not happen - I slept in, we missed the M18 junction, navigated through a busy Nottingham... and then bird performed impeccably, so we headed off to Titchwell in Norfolk for Coue's arctic redpoll, king eider and black-winged stilt. The joys of December twitches! The obscured image above was taken with the Canon 10D and 100- 400mm.


We are still gripped by winter in the north-east of England, with blizzard conditions making the journey to nightshift ever-so-interesting. Great unseasonal birds continue though - with the hoopoe found in Durham and today, a stone curlew on the Farne Islands!

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James said...

That Hoopoe died over night after it was taken in. Wouldn't mind a Sora, looks a cracking bird.