Sunday, 5 December 2010

BIZARRO: The Wedding Present

There are an increasing number of bands from my high school / university era touring for classic albums,and Saturday night for me was a very enjoyable trip down memory lane with The Wedding Present.

I'd seen the original line up twice previous during the "glory" years ~ Preston Polytechnic in November 1990 and at Newcastle Mayfair in May 1991, so it's been a long time coming!

Worth the wait?

Oh Yes!

So it's a different line up, with only singer David Gedge being the original member, but Bizzaro is a classic album - 21 years on and a few hundred 40somethingers can still manage a mosh as the band cranked out the tracks. When I first saw them in the 1990's they sold a t-shirt with the slogan "all the songs sound the same". In 2010 it's good to see that they've got with the times and produced an updated version "All the songs still sound the same".

 We don't do encours, we're not that sort of band...


Stuart Price said...

Wow, what a blast from the past. I was never such a big fan of this band but I can remember them being played on John Peel all the time, I bought one single 'my favourite dress'..........I may have seen them on the same tour in Newcastle, memory is a bit hazy there.

You saw them at Preston Poly in November 1990? And you're from Newcastle right? Don't tell me you were a student at Preston Poly?!?

Conversely I'm from Preston and was a student at Newcastle Uni, I started in 1990.

John Malloy said...

Nah, my wife was studying there, so I was on a "concert-twitch"! Very much a favorite of John Peel, there is quite a comprehensive box set available now - 6 discs!!!