Friday, 14 August 2009

Chicago birds

This was the least birdy trip that I've done for a while and the holiday list was paltry. Of the few bird images taken a brief selection is included here. The picture above is a white-throated sparrow, taken in Olive Park on the Lake Michigan waterfront. Bonny birds.
This immature cedar waxwing was very confiding. Could do with another one of these in the UK! This bird appears to have a bit of cob-web stuck to it's bill. A yellow warbler was feeding above, but did not come into range for the 400mm lens. Boo.

Olive Park held a family of eastern kingbirds - and they proved difficult to photograph as they commuted via the lamp posts - teasingly flying off just as the camera was aligned.

I seem to be posting a lot of barn swallow images of late... this bird was at Navy Pier, part of a family group using boat rigging as a perch. Cliff swallow were also present, but did not alight.

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