Thursday, 16 July 2009

Garden Pigeon

The weekend must be approaching - as I write this there is a torrential rain shower literally lashing down and the thunder is booming! - glad I got the lawn cut earlier this afternoon!

This wood pigeon is one of up to four visiting the seed trays in my garden. Indeed, these wood pigeons are costing me a small fortune as they hoover up all the mixed grains.

The photograph was taken during on set of heavy dark rain clouds - so has benefited from the use of flash. I quite like the detail on the fence (which probably could do with a fresh application of creosote!) - the greens of lichen are nice and there is even a bit of cob-web to make all a bit more rustic. I think I need to get out more...!

It's encouraging to see that a couple of pec sands have turned up in the north-east of England over the last couple of days - I expect Northumberland will hold one or two soon.

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