Friday, 10 July 2009

Cresswell Quiet

A very quick trip to Cresswell this morning revealed very little - in fact the trip was barely worth the effort - the northern scrape was wader-less, with one grey heron was teasing its way around the causeway.

On the sea there was a steady movement of gannet north, with a few kittiwake too.

Stark contrast to 10th July 2005 - a day which saw me (and Tom) head south-west to Cemlyn Bays star attraction - sooty tern! An incredible bird in a beautiful part of the world. Had hoped to post a retro picture here - but a review of my images swayed my decision not to post - we experienced a terrible heat haze four years ago!


Ghost of Stringer said...

I chartered a boat to head out to that island to see the sooty tern on day 1 when turned up....

After an hour and half of no show, it appeared from nowhere and flew around the boat calling !! What a top bird !!

Just need a bridled in Northumberland now, Long Nanny would do !!

John Malloy said...

Dipped the hauxley Bridled in the 80's - so I could do with another Northumberland bird to appear too. Would have preferred to have seen the tern off shore like yourself - there were some great pics from the skerries!