Monday, 8 June 2009

Two visits to St Mary's

Late Sunday afternoon news of a singing marsh warbler had me heading to SMI after tea, and sure enough after a 45 minute wait or so the marsh warbler began to sing. Then stop. Then nothing for a bit. Then sing again, maybe a bit to the left from last time. And that was about it, one brief "flick" between bushes and that was our lot. Not much mimicry, a brief burst of blue tit and a few "chacks". Not the best.

So, after an early shift and news that the bird was still present, Monday afternoon was spent looking into the same bushes and willows. No luck today, although others present had had heard and seen the bird earlier...

A pair of whitethroat (female featured here) were actively feeding young, the occasional willow warbler sang and and a sedge warbler chipped in for a short while too. Not much else though!

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