Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Nightingale... dip

Woke up early afternoon (I'm on nightshift, so thats reasonable I guess) to read not one, but two messages about a singing nightingale near Howlett Hall - and given it was a lovely sunny day I made my way there straight away.

So was the nightingale still singing? No.. Not a sniff!

Unlike when the morning visitors had been... (see PC Wanderings ) - at least I know that I was in the correct location!... never mind, a female redstart was nice to see and there was plenty of buzzards kicking about.


Dave Britton said...

The site as given on pagers is not quite right. You have to walk about 200 yards beyond the bales of hay along the disused railway line. The Nightingale has a territory in Hawthorns and Elders on both sides of the track. It sang last night (Wednesday 24th) from 1750 hrs to at least 2115 hrs, when I left having failed to actually see it. It regulary gave the diagnostic sighing notes (eliminating Thrush Nightingale).Singing fairly erratic early on but became very regular from about 8.30 pm. Dave Britton

John Malloy said...

Thanks Dave, safely on the list on Thursday afternoon... and managed to avoid the Bull that apparantly has taken a dislike to the human visitors walking down the farm track!