Sunday, 19 January 2014

Black Curlews and traffic Egrets

It was a bit frustrating to have taken the wrong road back to Cramlington from Cresswell on Saturday, so news this morning that the Glossy Ibis was still present at Lynemouth was to close to home to resist, despite having seen the two in Durham yesterday.

Bleak weather stalled the journey, but by 11:00 I was there, and so was the Ibis, or, given the inclement weather, a rather black looking curlew, stood looking confused as to why the Spanish climate was so unfavourable. Still, a decent bird (for now) in Northumberland - a blocker until a few years back!

Black Curlew

"I'm sure the brochure said the weather would be better than this"

I didn't hang round for long, opting to try for Mediterranean Gull at Newbiggin. For the first time that I can recall I could not see any there!

The sea was mighty rough too... click the image to see full size.

Low tide at Newbiggin
Closer to home, the drive across the rain-swollen  Horton Burn delivered the Little Egret - a nice ending to a purposeful mission.

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