Tuesday, 17 September 2013

iPhone Scoping

I'd tried a couple of attempts at digi scoping recently, and after a short period of experimentation I've opted to use the iPhone in preference to a standard compact camera. (The Dslr hasn't been retired!).

The advantage of the iPhone is that images or video can be uploaded direct from the field and, perish the thought, be skyped or facetimed live from the field when that gripping rare turns up!

Hand held images were ok, but an adapter was needed to speed the accuracy up - so here's a sample of what I came up with - the back of a hard case for he 4s, and a bit if creativity from a mate...

Picture 1 - the room with a view - scope aimed at the gable end near top if picture.

2 - iPhone through scope at *30 (minimum zoom)

3 - iPhone through scope at *70 (maximum zoom)


Unknown said...

Hello John .. I have the same scope and the TLS APO adapter for my dslr which is good but I dont always take it with me .I've tried digiscoping by hand, although results are good its a bit of a faff on . If I could pick ur brains , what did you use as a cover for the eyepiece and what depth is it .

Citybirding said...

Thats got me going on the same theme. Have ordered a spare phone back cover, and the device to slide over the scope eyepiece is a Kenco coffee jar screw top, its a perfect firm fit.

PCF said...

Hey you. Stop perving at my gable end!

John Malloy said...

Carl - it's a custom made plastic cap, with a hole drilled in the middle. I've glued a hard case on with the camera hole aligned.