Saturday, 21 September 2013

AGP: Tresco 2006

Had another go for the St Mary's Island American Golden Plover this afternoon, and perhaps got the timing just wrong - as the rising tide reduced time on the island itself and reduced the available rocks beneath the promenade somewhat. Two "closerthanyesterday" views, but insufficient time to get a photography device on the bird in question. Rather frustrating.

Reflecting on this, I wondered how long ago it was since my last AGP... surprised to find it was 2006, a confiding immature on Tresco, Isles of Scilly. It was a sunny, warm day (not unlike today) on 11th October. To say the bird was confiding is an understatement, and it completed a good day on  the island.

The AGP was the final pitstop, having enjoyed an American Robin in the morning (a bird I've never photographed well in the UK... need another go!)

...and between the AR and AGP, a nice Red-backed Shrike  on my favoured autumn shrub-type perch (brambly things) - all in a days birding in the South-West!

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