Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesdays tweets from the road

A better day for activity, with temperatures back in the low 30s. Bikes commandeered again late morning and off we ambled.

The ride was not as strenuous as the last and we managed to pass a couple of irrigation pools for the vineyards. These seem to act as magnets in these parts as they provided a number of new holiday (and some life) birds. So the highlights - African black duck, yellow billed duck, hottentot teal, swee waxbill, giant kingfisher (huge!), fork tailed drongo, pearl breasted swallow and brimstone canary (all "ticks"), plus seven magnificent blue crane, black headed heron, reed cormorant etc.

All good value, with (hot) fresh air to boot.

It's back to the coast tomorrow and a couple of busy birding days planned.

As a postscript to yesterday's post, just as I'd finished writing and uploading we had a remarkable close fly past of an African harrier hawk - an astoundingly groovy bop!

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Conifers said...

Potentially nice pics, but that false-antique staining and scratching really spoils them :-(