Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hottentots Jumper

Orange-breasted sunbird
Day 2 of the guided birding took us into the hills and farmland in the Hottentot Hollands vicinity. It was another superb day with a complimentary set of bird species added to the trip list. First port of call was Sir Lowry's Pass ~ it was a cooler, greyer start than the pervious day, but proved ideal for birding. Cape grassbird was quickley picked up and the area was full of the magnificent orange breasted sunbirds. The main quarry, victorin's warbler was singing pretty much consistantly during our visit, but seeing one prove tricky - two birds were seen fleetingly, while a minimum of 4 were heard. We'd have better luck later...
Cape rockjumper - stunning!
Further on the amazing Cape rockjumper was added to the list, with great views of a family party moving through the rocky terrain. Hamerkop had been an unexpected bonus on our drive up, while Cape siskin prove to be abundant, along with a good size flock of yellow bishop.

Southern double collared sunbird
Back at the car a bird wave passed through the surrounding trees - malachite and amethyst sunbird were welcome, along with cape sugarbird, swee waxbill, fiscal flycatcher and fork-tailed drongo!
Yellow bishop

Malachite sunbird
Some refreshment with coffee and "Normas" cake followed and it was back to the road for the farmland and coastal stretch...

Fork-tailed drongo

Fiscal flycatcher

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