Sunday, 16 January 2011


A single waxwing feeding on the hedge adjacent Burnside School on the way back from grocery shopping was enough to get me out of the car and back out onto the bike for a potter around the estate this afternoon. First port of call was back at Burnside, this time armed with the 500mm slung over my back while riding the bake. One waxwing turned into two, but neither would tolerate any hint of me stopping to take a picture... and off they went!

The Horton Burn was reasonably productive, given that the freezing conditions have eased. A single kingfisher patrolled the eastern stretch of the burn, while at the old fire station a mixed finch flock included at least six brambling. The finches (including chaffs, greens, bulls and golds) tend to follow the tree lined road from the old fire station round to the unfortunately named Boghouses, just north of the A192.

No waders were noted on the burn, nor any duck... they may return if the weather closes in again.

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