Sunday, 4 April 2010

Little and Large

above - great white egret, Druridge. Click the images for sharper versions...

With a bright start to the day, and no news on the Cleveland black-throated thrush, I headed back to Druridge for another look at the great white egret. Today the egret was settled on the western side of the Budge field - nice for watching but not brilliant for photography. The hopes for the egret to be hassled into coming closer to the hide by the resident grey heron did not materialise, so the attached images are with the 500mm and 2.0 extender. Not ideal, but better than yesterday I guess. This particular bird is good plumage, with ample plumes showing.

Good showing of plumes... pity the light had gone!

Waders today were represented by lapwing, oystercatcher and snipe, while numbers of black-headed gull were high. Near the hide a male reed bunting was vocal and a chiffchaff passed through the willows. Two sand martin made a brief appearance before heading off north.

above - oystercatcher
below - lapwing

As the morning progressed the light faded as cloud cover increased and the temperature dropped. Glad I left my coat in the car....

On the journey home I (at long last) managed to connect with little owl - easily over looked - they don't half blend in with the tree as they sit motionless!

above - little owl


Stewart said...

Some really lovely pics there John, top stuff!

John Malloy said...

Cheers Stewart!