Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Morning owl, afternoon 'wing

The dark drive to work for early shift was brightened somewhat by a barn owl, perched on a fence post near the Holiday Inn roundabout at 05:30.

After a quick cuppa upon return from work I headed north to Morpeth for a quick look at the waxwing that had been reported earlier. I could only find four of the reported six, all perched on top of a house on Lindisfarne Lane. Frustatingly for me they were feeding very close to the car, but in a front garden - I did not dare get the camera out...

I thought that I might have more success in Ashington (that's not a statement you'd hear very often!), but I failed to locate any - neither on the Nursery Park estate nor nearby at Kestrel Way. I do hope I have more luck with this delightful species before the winter is out.

West Hartford held little, four shelduck were active in territorial dispute, 13 lapwing few over, pheasant numbered three, and 2 kestrel patrolled the fields. Still no SEO for me.

Final stop, Horton Burn - no sign of any kingfisher but two moorhen were noteworthy.

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The Liverbirder said...

Frustratingly, Mrs Liverbirder has seen a Barn Owl in the same location as yours on several evenings this year. The frustration is that she has noted several - including one on a farm at Belsay - and my 2010 list is devoid!!!