Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wednesday lo-lights

Birding on Wednesday was confined to an hour at St Mary's.

Weather was very mild but skies were grey and it was a bit damp. The wetland was heaving with newly arrived blackbird and redwing - all very active and vocal. Lesser numbers of robin were present but more elusive. Only one 'crest - a gold was in the northern willows, while the "gut" was very quiet.

The evening was spent at a dark Newcastle Academy with the Editors ~ a wonderful night.


Ipin said...

I went to the editors last night, I thought they were OK but was impressed with new stuff..franz ferdinand tonight and I have three spare tickets!

John Malloy said...

Nice one - I liked the mix of old and new. Thoughts of Dave Gahan/Tom Yorke sprung to mind when Tom was prancing about and gurning. Enjoy FF, saw them at The O2 Arena supporting the cure earlier in the year - they rock!

Ipin said...

The new stuff....someone said last night 'Ultravox'