Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ibis again...

Late afternoon flight in front of the Oddie hide

A reflection
There are a lot of nice images of the Druridge glossy ibis appearing now that the bird has finally settled into a routine feeding in front of the Oddie hide - so here's a couple more from my session on Sunday 4th.

I wonder how long it will stay? Will it be part of the county furniture in a year or two time? a Northumberland "Sammy the stilt"... a "Dunge" ibis?... or will it disappear and become a memory of distant past, avoiding the county for another 20 years?

I'm hoping to have a go at the Cresswell buff-breasted... just need to finish these darn nightshifts...


Unknown said...

Hi John, it was nice meeting you at the Oddie hide on Sunday and it looks like you got some great pics of the Ibis, mine came out canny but I must say your flight shot is the best pic i've seen of it up to now, superb image with great colours and sharpness.

Well done,

Mark Mowbray.

John Malloy said...

Thanks Mark, the ibis was and still is peforming very nicely indeed!