Saturday, 7 February 2009


It's been a week of nightshift - so little birding (if any at all) over the past few days. The cold weather has not done much for my garden birds - only the hardy collard dove, robin and blackbird have been visiting the feeder. All the House Sparrows have disappeared.

In the time between getting up in the afternoon and heading off to work for the night I've spent some time working on bird photographs from the recent Hawaii trip - I fear it'll take a while to complete this selection. I've also been planning future trips for 2009 - April will see me heading off to Thailand and probably Iona for corncrake, with August still to be confirmed.

I've also taken delivery of this cracker - an epiphone thunderbird IV bass!!! I'll apologise in advance to my neighbours... maybe.

This morning twenty waxwing flew over the house, so maybe things are looking better. I must get out more...


Alan Tilmouth said...

Thanks for the link John. Not sure if you are interested but check out the new Twitter feed on the site.

Crammy Birder said...

I think all of your House Sparrows have moved to my garden. I've had about 15 this week along with 11 Greenfinches.
Glad to see the Waxwing numbers are growing.
Thats a kick ass bass you have there!

John Malloy said...

Alan - glad to add the link, great to see regular NE info on the net

CB - the bass is a beast!!