Friday, 27 February 2009

Big Gig

Arrived back from the NME Big Gig at the London O2 today... what a great show!

Watch out for the White lies - a young band with great potential. Glum rock... I like it.

Don't waste any time with Crystal Castles - reminded me of the Newton ring ouzels' preferred feeding area... a heap.

Franz ferdinand were very entertaining and talented, but were, as expected, blown away by the cure (although I would say that...). Almost 2 hour set from RS & Co (was only mean't to be 90 minutes), with a selection of songs spanning the bands 30 years. Managed to meet up with my cousin Rob who was also dressed as smart as I, with our matching fave cure t-shirts from 1989! Managed to get to the front, opposite guitar legend, Porl Thompson (complete with high heals and a distinctly girlie dress). Much beer was drunk, so a good night all round.

For thise who may be interested, or not... here's the cure setlist: underneath the stars, from the edge of the deep green sea, the perfect boy, the end of the world, sleep when i'm dead, a forest, three imaginary boys, shake dog shake, maybe someday, the only one, inbetween days, just like heaven, primary, want, the hungry ghost, disintegration, one hundred years, it's over,

Encore: boys don't cry, jumping someone else's train, grinding halt, 10:15 saturday night, killing an arab.

Right, indulgence over, time for a spot of birding me thinks.


Ghost of Stringer said...

The cure eh.... I could kinda take them or leave em to be honest.... liked the earlier stuff, but RS seemed to get a bit fatter and more annoying with everyday later on !

However... I have to say that "a forest" is one of my absolute favourite tracks of all time....totally amazin tune !!

I'm more of a happy mondays kinda bloke.... oh and the orb of course..... they totally blew my mind....mmmmm.... or was that the acid !

Music eh... can you imagine life without music ?.... I can't....

Blyth Birder said...

Got a lot of time for The Cure - got some great intros, not least Just Like Heaven.

I'd have been disappointed they didn't play Pictures of You or Love Song though?

And no Lullaby?

Blyth Birder said...

....or Charlotte Sometimes :)

John Malloy said...

Pleased with you cure song knowledge BB! I've been lucky to have seen the cure a "few" times prior to this, so not hearing POY/Lullaby/Lovesong was not too big an issue, I'm more keen to hear the more obscure and dark songs! Charlotte Sometimes (one of may favorites,hence the blog title...) made the set list last year in the US and was awesome - as it was played without any keys, just Porls' guitar magic...

Ipin said...

Never knew you were a music fan Jon, never really been a cure fan meself, bt I like Elbow. Went to see Metallica during the week, that's more my stamp!

Blyth Birder said...

I sussed the 'Sometimes' bit as soon as you started the blog.

NS - music was my first love, and it will be my last :)

Iain - and 'Nothing else matters'

John Malloy said...

Love my music Ipin, probably a reason I phased out of birding in the '90s! Been manic cure fan since mid eighties, travelling to Denmark, Singapore and North America to see their gigs, love glum stuff... Heaviest stuff I have been into is probably the god machine... check them out.

How cool am I? Watch birds and like music by old men in make up. Rock on!