Saturday, 8 November 2008

Two-barred Crossbill

Early"ish" start today for a wasted journey north to Holy Island with Mark, where yesterdays bluetail had clearly departed. After a whole 5 minutes on site and some wise advice from BB, the car was pointed south for an attempt to see the male two-barred crossbill at Garfit Farm near Stokesley in North Yorkshire.

Dipping was looming after almost three hours wait in the cold damp... until it was located in the tree above the ever-increasing crowd. The fact that it was in the bird was in the tree above the crowd did not really help - it was a pain to pick out... the crowd moved outwards to the farmhouse and most people were able to get satisfactory views. Then the bird pulled a treat - flying down to the feeder in front of the masses, providing rather closer views than expected! Cracking bird. Great performance from the 1DIII too - images above were taken at ISO800 - 1000.


Stewart said...

What a bird John...a good move.

John Malloy said...

Cheers Stewart - I missed the Harwood bird back in the 90's, so it was good to eventualy catch up with one!