Sunday, 28 April 2013

A little means a lot.

Early afternoon was spent on the bike, circumnavigating the patch - East Hartford still retains two male wheatear - it's been over a week now since the first arrival.

West Hartford was somewhat uneventful, I still have not seen or heard a grasshopper warbler - though it was rather windy...

Heading to Arcot via Beacon Lane, it was pleasing to bump into a little owl, and amusing to follow it in flight into a ploughed field where it sat watching me watching it. A few texts issued to the others, and a call from one - looked up and it had gone.

Arcot was quieter than of late - no yaffling or drumming from green woodpecker - a few coot, pair of mute swan and little grebe were about the lot.

A Jay near Damndykes was probably the last highlight of the trip.

Rolling on to 18:00 and news of common crane at Lynemouth was sufficient to lure me back out - in the car this time - for what was a failed mission.

With the appetite whet again, the bike was duly extracted from the garage and another trip to West Hartford resulted in a calling water rail, a few gulls of the bh, h and lbb variety and little else.

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