Sunday, 7 March 2010

Oh dear, a non-birding weekend!

Despite really nice weather (blue skies and relatively mild), I never got out at all! The garden is becoming a hive of activity – one poor female dunnock is being chased relentlessly by two males, and I hope to photograph some of the display (wing flicking etc) over the next few days – but they’re fast!

The drive home from work on Friday morning was enlightened by a fly-over woodcock, and lesser black backed gull have started to reappear after their winter break from the region.

Saturday was spent (partially) at the cinema - Alice in Wonderland in 3D - Great!

Sunday saw the tick-mobile get a well deserved wash - it was hacky... salted roads are no good for a dark coloured car. Even the inside had a clean out. It really was that birdless a weekend!

A week of early shift beckons… maybe I’ll get out this week sometime?

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