Monday, 9 February 2015

The Bluetones

Patience is a virtue.

Finally able to justify a day trip to the River Don in Aberdeen to take a look at the progressively blue toned immature drake Harlequin.

A Barn Owl started the early day well, with a bird drifting over the A1 in north Northumberland.

Having had amazing views of Otter in Seaton Park, walked west with Eric to the favoured rapids section of the river adjacent to Papermill Drive. No immediate sign, just a couple of Dippers and a Kingfisher. Then out of the "blue" the immature drake flew in and plonked itself down a couple of feet from another observer... mad.

Phwah!!!!   Not quite the expected distance for a world tick!

Spent the next few hours watching the Harlequin tease... prolonged periods round an inaccessible bend in the river and brief spells out in the sunshine...

Towards the end of our visit the Harlequin came back in really close - albeit in the shade of the afternoon ... not complaining though!!!

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