Monday, 26 September 2011

Garden first, dodgy geese and a lost bonxie...

I think the decorating at BSHQ is almost complete, and the removal of sticky duct tape from the floor edges earned me sufficient credit to have a quick trip north this afternoon.

The "action" began before I departed, with a peregrine soaring above the garden - a first

Time was limited, so I took the easy option - go and look at some white geese in a flock of pink-feet and grey lags. The four snow geese were relatively easy to find, feeding in stubble west of the north pool. Not entirely sure of their credentials, especially as three bar-headed were present too!

Some ruff flew in and joined the melee, while rather more bizarrely, AC and I were treated to a inland bound great skua  ~ flying steadily wnw until lost to view. Where was it going?!

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