Monday, 7 June 2010

Neat Neat Neat

Sunday 6th June: spent a quiet and relaxing evening with THE DAMNED!!!!!!

Captain Sensible: stole the show!!

Wait For The Blackout

Disco Man

I Just Can't Be Happy Today

Perfect Sunday

Thrill Kill

Love Song


Gun Fury


Limit Club

New Rose


Bad Time For Bonzo

Shadow of Love

Neat Neat Neat

Stretcher Case

Fan Club

Melody Lee

Satisfy You

Thanks For The Night

Happy Talk

Smash It Up

1 comment:

Ghost of Stringer said...

I stole captain sensible’s beret once..... He threw his teddy out of the pram, stopped playing and refused to play anymore until he got it back.... I got lynched in the crowd, and the beret flew back onto the stage....

Later on he came up to me at the bar and said he liked my mohawk, which I guess was a compliment from a very minor celeb/punk hero depending which way you look at it ! I just sneered because...

A – I thought he was shit


B – I was a punk, and that’s what punks are supposed to do isn’t it !